Friday, June 8, 2012

"Catch Up Time" Weeks 17-22

I promised I would update my blog, and I haven't, so now its "catch up" time! :) Oh gosh, what has happened since 12 weeks?! Well, to start, 11 weeks have gone by and on Saturday I'll be 23 weeks along. More than half way through the pregnancy, which seems unreal. I can't believe there are only 4 more months until we have our little one here. :)

 I feel so much better than the first trimester, and have enough energy to work out now. I was a little worried, because as of last Dr's appointment I had already gained 16 pounds, which is more than half of what I should in the end. The Dr. told me during the pregnancy I should gain around 25-30 pounds, so I'm trying to stay within that. It's hard though because anyone who knows me, knows I love my sugar! :)  

Since I last posted, we found out we're having a BOY. :) Justin is very excited for a a little "mini-me" to surf and play with. I seriously think he is mostly excited about playing with all his toys! If we go into Target, Walgreens, or anywhere there is some type of toy that we pass, Justin is playing with it, putting it on his head, throwing it across the aisle, etc. He's a big kid. :) I'm positive our little man will be constantly entertained!

I have felt "baby boy" kick since about 16 weeks. At the beginning it was usually when I needed to go to pee and he was kicking on my bladder. It felt like someone was flicking me from the inside of my stomach. Other times it would feel like a "pop" like popcorn popping in my stomach. Now I feel and see sharp kicks and elbows. He's very active in there. I swear he doesn't have very long "sleep cycles" which makes me a little nervous! When I'm running around work I don't feel too many kicks, its usually when I sit down and relax, or after I eat. He seems to like food too...just like his parents :)

We haven't purchased anything other than a few clothes for the baby yet, so I feel unprepared. We're planning on moving to a bigger place, but we are still deciding, so we don't really want to get a room ready until we know where were gonna be. That part is frustrating, but as soon as we know, I'm going to be decorating like crazy! I'm having a hard time trying to find bedding. I don't really like any out there and wish I could sew, and I'd make my own. Time is running out, so I gotta get a start on it!

Well, here are some belly pics. We've only taken them from our phones when people wanna see pics of the progress. I haven't really "popped" until the last couple weeks. Even now, my stomach isn't round like most pregnant women I see. I swear it just looks fat, so people are pretty daring when they ask when I'm due. Thank goodness I am preggo, or that would be really awkward :)

17 weeks:

18 weeks:

19 Weeks:

Baby boy at 20 Weeks, Sucking his thumb. About 11 inches and 12 Ounces :)

20 Weeks:

22 Weeks:

At 22 weeks, I've read he weighs about a pound and 11 inches long so far. As big as a papaya. :) 


  1. Angela your belly is SO cute!!! Im SO excited to meet your little boy!!! You look great!!!

    1. Thanks! I'm excited to meet Luke too and kiss his dimples! :)

  2. You are so tiny! If it makes you feel better, I gained 50 lbs with both mine. Liam is only two weeks old and I've already lost 30 lbs, while eating like a horse! So don't stress about it. So excited for you and Justin! Let me know if/when you are moving, we can come help.

    1. Oooh. I can gain 30 more then! Whoo hoo! :) I really need to come see Liam now that you've probably settled in a little :)

  3. Angela..... I can't even describe how excited I am to see you in a few weeks! ahhhhh. I loved your post. Baby boy is going to be so handsome. I can't wait until he has a name too! :] I love you.

    1. Kayla Bear, you don't even know how excited I am that we are preggo together. It's so nice that I'm not alone in this! I love you and can't wait for our little monsters to play together :) j/k they are gonna be perfect little angels!